Reel Wives, a spouse enrichment program within the Reel Thanx program, began in 2009 through a desire to support the wives of our Reel Thanx heroes. It originally started as an effort to gather items to send as gift baskets while their husband’s attended the Reel Thanx fishing trips.

With the help of increased volunteer support and fundraising, it evolved in 2011 into a full program consisting of semi-annual, weekend retreat trips available to each wife of our Reel Thanx program participants.

Trips are focused on allowing each military wife/caregiver the opportunity to have a break from the pressures of her day-to-day life. It is an opportunity for her to rest, relax, and enjoy friendship & fellowship with other military wives, while simply focusing on her own needs for a few refreshing days.

Wives who’s husbands have been selected for and participated in a Reel Thanx fishing trip are automatically eligible to attend a Reel Wives retreat. Spouses trips usually take place between 6-12 months apart depending on scheduling and availability.

For questions regarding Reel Wives trips, please contact the Reel Wives committee at